All About Horses

Do you know that horses have better memories than elephant? And that they actually have the largest eyes among the land animal. Fascinating, right? 

If you’d like to know more about these majestic animals and really get up close and personal with them, quickly get your family and friends together and head on to Denai Alam Recreational and Riding Club (DARC). 

With more than 70 horses and ponies in our stable, you’d get the chance to learn about their behaviour, temperament and just how different they are from one another. Just like us humans, each horse has his or her own personality. Some are gentle while some can be a bit skittish. There are those that are easy to handle and then, you have the ones that are a bit naughty.

At DARC, our horses are mostly donated by their previous owners and they come from as far away as Australia, New Zealand, Germany and Argentina.

DARC aims to lead the way in promoting the healthy sport of horse riding to people from all walks of life and backgrounds

We currently offer several horse riding lessons with attractive rates to make them affordable for everyone to experience and enjoy. We are also expanding our stable of horses through our very own breeding programme. And we share the joy and satisfaction of working with horses through our stable management course for both adult and children. 

At DARC, horse riding is no longer the sport for the privileged few, but is now affordable for everybody. It is great for your health, builds self-confidence especially with children, instills respect for animal and is an amazing way to spend with your family and friends. 

Horse Riding Lessons

Our horse riding lessons are open to both members and non-members. We recommend at least a minimum of 5 packages for those who are complete beginners or have little riding experience. Together with our experienced trainer, this one-to-one lesson will take you through the basic horsemanship. 

Riders will be taught how to establish balance and rhythm, how to mount and dismount, how to hold the reins, walk, trot canter and many more. The lessons also include grooming, basic stable management and tack-up. Our trainers will assess each rider before they can proceed to the more advanced level. 

Our horse riding facilities includes the Main Arena, an Obstacles Course, a Grazing Area, 4 Lunging Paddocks and now we’re building a dressage and jumping arena.

At DARC, we also offer lessons in basic dressage and jumping skills in preparation for competition. We plan to introduce a formal certificate programme in the near future. 

Horse Riding Package

Weekdays - RM250 or Weekends - RM290 for 6 sessions (30 minutes) 

Horse Riding Facilities

DARC has excellent horse riding facilities that offer a comfortable and safe environment for both rider and trainers. 

Riding Gear

For  those who plan to take up riding lessons at DARC, they are advised to come in appropriate riding gear.

  • Riding helmet (long hair to be tied back, no clips)
  • Riding boots
  • Comfortable blouse or t-shirt
  • Long trousers
  • Body protector
  • Riding gloves (optional)
  • No jewellery


Monthly rental – RM30

1 SET (Riding boots, gloves, helmet) – RM10

Riding boots only – RM5

Gloves – RM3

Helmet – RM5

For more information on riding lessons, please contact us at 0149262168 or drop by the club from Tuesday to Sunday anytime from 8am – 10pm.


Horse riding activity is the only sport that the whole family can enjoy. They would get to talk about it and share their experience with each other.

Our riding packages ( WEEKDAYS ) – RM25O for 6 sessions ( WEEKENDS ) – RM290 for 6 sessions. The 6 lessons must be utilized within 30days from the date of the first lesson.

You have to be at least 5 years old. However, it does depend on the size. A younger child with big build may be considered. We provide package as well for kids below 5 (under the therapeutic riding lessons package).

No because the advantage here is that we have many horses that are very eager to be your ride. You would get used to ride many horses with different personalities and temperament. But if you really fell in love with a horse you would love to ride every time you come, we provide a (special package booking of horse and trainer) as well. So choose your favorites! 🙂

The minimum requirement is a pair of sportspants and sports shoes and also have the option of wearing jodhpurs and riding boots. Here in DARC, we also provide horse riding gears you can rent (boots, gloves, helmet).

Morning Afternoon
8.00am 3:30pm
8.45am 4.15pm
9.30am 5.00pm
* 11:00 AM slot only limit for 1 session only.

Any time of the day. We offer morning and afternoon sessions. 

Currently, we have 14 experienced trainers.

We advise you to book at least 3 days in advance. For any cancellation, please call to inform us at least 2 days before your scheduled riding lesson.

You have to be members of the club. However, we would entertain special requests from schools or associations.