All About Horses

Do you know that horses have better memories than elephant? And that they actually have the largest eyes among the land animal. Fascinating, right? If you’d like to know more about these majestic animals and really get up close and personal with them, quickly get your family and friends together and head on to Denai Alam Recreational and Riding Club (DARC). With more than 70 horses and ponies in our stable, you’d get the chance to learn about their behaviour, temperament and just how different they are from one another. Just like us humans, each horse has his or her own personality. Some are gentle while some can be a bit skittish. There are those that are easy to handle and then, you have the ones that are a bit naughty.

At DARC, our horses are mostly donated by their previous owners and they come from as far away as Australia, New Zealand, Germany and Argentina.

Our Top Horses

The best way for you to know more about our horses is to come down for a quick tour of the club and stable. And if you’d like to receive a more rousing welcome, our four-legged friends are really fond of sweet treats such as carrots and apples. Out of our stable of ponies and horses, we actually have a few favourites. Let’s get to know them, shall we?


Our boy, Expresso, originates from Germany and he’s about 10 years old. Standing at 18.2 hands, Expresso is a dressage horse. He’s very friendly with a calm temperament. Although he may look quite imposing presence due to his height, Expresso is actually one of the easiest to ride and perfect for adult beginners. He is quick to follow instruction especially when he knows he’s getting a treat afterwards!

Do you know that Expresso belongs to the warmblood breed? They were created when the larger horses from northern Europe were mixed with the smaller and lighter hot blooded Arabians. They are the best breed for riding and dressage due to their calm temperament.



Tetap came all the way from New Zealand. A thoroughbred through and through, he was actually a race horse although by now, he would have already forgotten about that exciting part of his life. Tetap is now being groomed to be a school horse specifically for jumping and riding lessons. At 9 years of age and a relatively standard size of 16 hands, he is one cool horse. He’s a favourite especially among the ladies because he’s quite the gentleman and easy to handle.

Do you know that both Expresso and Tetap are geldings? Compared to the stallions, geldings are better-behaved, calmer and gentler, making them suitable as work horse and for riding.


BJ is also a gelding and just like his best mate, Tetap, came from New Zealand and was a race horse as well. His tall, slim and athletic build clearly show that he’s a thoroughbred. At 16.5 hands, he’s one of the favourites among our beginner riders because of his gentle manner.

Once he led an exciting life as a race horse but now, BJ is enjoying his days being trained to be a riding school horse. And just like any other horses at DARC, he adores a sweet treat or two.

DARC aims to lead the way in promoting the healthy sport of horse riding to people from all walks of life and background. We currently offer several horse riding lessons with attractive rates to make them affordable for everyone to experience and enjoy. We are also expanding our stable of horses through our very own breeding programme. And we share the joy and satisfaction of working with horses through our stable management course for both adult and children. At DARC, horse riding is no longer the sport for the privileged few, but is now affordable for everybody. It is great for your health, builds self-confidence especially with children, instills respect for animal and is an amazing way to spend with your family and friends.

Find more about horses by taking a tour of the stable. Call us at +6010 240 2606 to set an appointment or just drop by Tuesday to Sunday to meet Expresso and friends.