About Us

Denai Alam Recreational and Riding Club (DARC) opened its doors to the public in January 2010. Embracing the philosophy of ‘sharing and charity’, DARC welcomes everybody from all walks of life to come and enjoy our club offerings. At DARC, everyone is treated equally. Our members come from diverse backgrounds but they are united in their love for horses and family values. Most are attracted by our equestrian activities and affordable horse riding lessons. Our Family Membership Package is just RM290, which is the most affordable in the country. Now everyone in the family can ride!

Denai Alam Recreational and Riding Club (DARC) is all about the WORLD OF SHARING. It begins from the early stage when one of Malaysia’s biggest property developers, Sime Darby Properties, allowed us to realize our dream to create the first and only family-oriented and affordable recreational and riding club in Malaysia. DARC continues the spirit of sharing and creates a truly Malaysianised club where our main strength is based on strong family values. From the beginning, we want DARC to be a multiracial and multinational club. And we are proud to say that our vision to make DARC a ‘school of families’ has become a reality from the beginning through strong support from our members and the community.

What is a ‘school of families’? It is where each family will be able to spend quality time together. They eat together, ride together and have fun together only at DARC. This is also the perfect place for families to interact, not only with each member, but also with other families. We really like to see parents and children from different race, religion, background and economic status come together and share the same thought of building a happy family.

“Happy children, happy parents, happy family equals to DARC as one big happy family!”
Terry Teo, Founder of DARC

DARC is one really big happy family and we welcome all families to come and join us at the club. This is the first and only truly family-oriented club in Malaysia that holds true and advocate strong family values. When you are at DARC, you automatically become a part of our family and that means we share our happiness, joy, comfort and we do everything together. If you are looking for a place for your children to not only enjoy the sports of horse riding at an affordable price, but also a place where they can build their confidence and make friends, then DARC is the only place for your and your family.

Welcome to the DARC family!