Facilities at DARC

DARC is all about sharing! Do drop by our club and take a tour of our facilities. Say hi to our equine friends and feel free to chat with any of the DARC staff. Riding lessons are also available for both the young and old and you’d be surprised at just how affordable they are. 

What’s more, our membership fee is only RM290 a year for parents and children! We’re quite sure you won’t find that kind of rates for any recreational and riding club anywhere. Aside from horse riding, you and your family also gets to enjoy a variety of facilities such as our splash pool, archery range, games room and karaoke.

Get up close and personal with our stable of ponies and thoroughbreds. They are a friendly bunch especially when you come with their favourite carrots! Most of them are donated and come from far away countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Germany and Argentina. They have made DARC their home and look forward to take you on a ride!

DARC is all about family too! We adore children and with them in mind, we’ve built a simple yet fun splash pool on the club’s ground. The water’s not too deep so it’s perfect for young kids to frolic and cool down especially on a hot afternoon. There are also gazebos nearby that are just nice for the parents to hang out at while keeping a watchful eye on the children.

For those who are looking for an activity that test their eyes and flexibility, we’d recommend spending some time at the archery gallery. Members can try to get a bull’s eye as often as they can. You never know, we could make an archer of you yet!


Do you know that archery dates thousands of years ago to the ancient Egyptians? The first bows were made from wood and held together with animal sinew and glue, while ‘catguts’ (sheep intestines) were used as the bowstring. It would have taken 2 adults to string it. Fascinating, right? Luckily, the modern bow and arrows are so much easier to use. And everyone can enjoy this exciting sport which is good for mental and physical health, and fitness.

At Denai Alam Recreational and Club (DARC), our archery range is very popular with everyone from the young and old. It is a fun sport but you do need to develop strong upper body strength if you want to improve. At DARC, we provide a safe and comfortable outdoor range that can be used by our members and guests throughout the day. Parents would want to get their children involved in archery because aside from being fun, it also helps them develop self-confidence and become more social.

DARC provides a 25m archery ranger with multiple targets. Members and guests can choose from 5 adult and 2 junior recurve bows. We also provide a qualified trainer and facilitator to ensure safety at all times.

Splash Pool

One of the best ways to cool down on a hot sunny day is to jump and splash around in a pool! Children, especially, would love to take a dip in DARC’s very own splash pool. 

Located in front of our chalets, the splash pool has proven to be very popular with the weekend crowds. Denai Alam Recreational and Riding Club (DARC) is the perfect place for families to spend time together. While the father or elder siblings take their riding lessons, mums and the younger ones can have a picnic in one of the gazebos found near the splash pool and enjoy some cooling down time.

DARC’s splash pool has a waterfall concept with streams and around it is a man made beach area perfect for building sand castles. Members can also arrange to have their kids’ birthday parties with food catered by our restaurant. So, what are you waiting for? Drive down to DARC today and join us for a pool party!

A Place Where Families Get Together and Have a Good Time!

~ DARC ~

Chalets at DARC

For busy executives, overworked mums or for those who seek a quick weekend getaway, how about checking into one the chalets at Denai Alam Recreational and Riding Club (DARC)? Miles and miles away from the nearest town, DARC at night is even more peaceful. After a hearty steamboat meal, our guests can enjoy a karaoke song or two or just relax and watch our students going through their riding lessons in the main paddock situated right in front of the club house and restaurant.

A slow stroll away, our chalets welcome members and guests to stay a night or two to get away from the busy city life. With its open concept and kampung design, our chalets are fitted with modern furnishing and facilities such as air condition unit, heater, flat screen TV and standard amenities.

Members and guests can choose from the 3 Standard Rooms that can accommodate 4 – 6 pax per unit. There is also one Family Room that can comfortably fit 8 – 10 pax. With such a generous space, families and groups of friends can easily enjoy an amazing stay with us at DARC.

The chalets at DARC are available for rent by both members and guests/visitors. Members enjoy a 50% discount off the published rate. 

Our Published Rates

Standard Room – RM320
Family Room – RM420

More Exciting Offerings at DARC

DARC offers a wholesome destination for a family-friendly outing for our members and guests alike. With that in mind, we have introduced additional activities and built basic amenities to ensure everyone feels right at home.

  • DARC Mascots (for special appearances during birthday parties and upon request for other events)
  • DARC Performance and Show (which includes the Red Indian and Cowboy Show)
  • Praying Room (Surau)
  • Mini Petting Zoo (Rabbit Farm, Bird Park)
  • Beach Volley Ball Court
  • Open space car park

Steamboat Dinner RM16 per pax 

(minimum of 2 pax is required)

Club House and Restaurant

Denai Alam Recreational and Riding Club (DARC) is located in a lush natural landscape where everyone in the family can experience peace and relaxation. At the heart of DARC is our club house and restaurant that are probably the first place our members and guests would go to. The club house adopts an open concept that makes it an oasis of comfort away from the heat and glare of the day. Situated right in front of the main arena, members and guests alike can just sit down, order some drinks and enjoy the soothing panoramic view with the occasional horse grazing on the grassy patch.

Enjoy a cool glass of ice lemon tea in our restaurant that is located within the club house. With enough space to accommodate up to 2000 pax, it is a great place to have a big family gathering, private events such as a wedding or press conference and corporate annual dinners. Have breakfast of piping hot ‘nasi lemak’ with ‘teh tarik’ before an early morning ride. On weekends, you are in for a treat as our chef prepares a delicious ‘nasi padang’ spread that has received numerous thumbs up for its authenticity. We’re quite sure that you’d help yourself to more than one helping of fried chicken, ‘sambal kentang’ and many more dishes. In the spirit of charity and sharing the goodwill, no price is attached. Diners are instead asked to make a contribution of any amount of money that they see fit.

Steamboat Anyone?

Dinner at DARC is getting more exciting with the introduction of the steamboat dinner. Feast on fresh scallops, mussels, fish ball, prawn and chicken in a wholesome chicken soup. The accompanying items include noodle, vermicelli and a generous helping of vegetable. A steamboat dinner is indeed the perfect company especially on a chilly night down at DARC. Available every night (except Monday), members are advised to make a reservation to avoid any disappointment.

Steamboat dinner – RM16 per pax (minimum of 2 pax is required)

The restaurant has more than enough space to accommodate up to 2000pax and comes complete with a large stage for most type of performances. We also provide a karaoke station for any aspiring songbirds out there. This is the perfect place to hold private events such as birthday parties, product launches, annual dinner and even a wedding reception. DARC has special F&B packages to suit most budgets and the items are prepared fresh in our very own kitchen. You are more than welcome to sit down with us for a chat.

We can cater for the following events:

  • Birthday Parties
  • Product Launch
  • Annual Dinner
  • Wedding Reception
  • Family Day
  • Team Building
  • CSR Programmes
  • Sales Convention
  • Kindergarten/school and IPT Programmes

For more information or to make reservation, please call us now at +6010 240 2606.