DARC is all about sharing! Do drop by our club and take a tour of our facilities. Say hi to our equine friends and feel free to chat with any of the DARC staff. Riding lessons are also available for both the young and old and you’d be surprised at just how affordable they are. Riding Packages at only RM210 for weekdays package and RM240 for weekends, per person for 6 sessions, you’ll be trained by some of the more experienced people in the industry.

What’s more, our membership fee is only RM290 a year for parents and children! We’re quite sure you won’t find that kind of rates for any recreational and riding club anywhere. Aside from horse riding, you and your family also gets to enjoy a variety of facilities such as our splash pool, archery range, games room and karaoke.

Get up close and personal with our stable of ponies and thoroughbreds. They are a friendly bunch especially when you come with their favourite goodies such as carrots and apples! Most of them are donated and come from far away countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Germany and Argentina. They have made DARC their home and look forward to take you on a ride!

DARC is all about family too! We adore children and with them in mind, we’ve built a simple yet fun splash pool on the club’s ground. The water’s not too deep so it’s perfect for young kids to frolic and cool down especially on a hot afternoon. There are also gazebos nearby that are just nice for the parents to hang out at while keeping a watchful eye on the children.

For those who are looking for an activity that test their eyes and flexibility, we’d recommend spending some time at the archery gallery. Members can try to get a bull’s eye as often as they can. You never know, we could make an archer of you yet!

There’s so much more to do at DARC. Call us now at +60102402606 /03-78315561 to set up a time to visit or just drop by anytime from 8am – 10pm, Tuesday to Sunday.