First Aid Awareness

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This week, YES club members were fortunate to have had an opportunity to learn first aid awareness from one of our DARC club member, a very knowledgable mentor with more than 25 years of experience in first aid emergencies.

The objective of this week's activity is to teach YES members a critical life skill to help others in need in cases of emergency. The aim is to preserve life, prevent harm, and promote recovery. The understanding and alertness in how to give an immediate First Aid response will help improve situations in a wide variety of day-to-day circumstances before being attended by a medical doctor. Any of the skills learnt could provide one with the resources to save a life, as well as preventing medical situations deteriorating.

Some of the areas in the First Aid course covered include what to do in case of a nose bleed, sprain and strain. Other than that, YES club members were trained how to handle when a person faints, gets chocked, and methods of CPR. Some other more severe situations involving epilepsy, the different severity of bleeding and head injury were also demonstrated. Exposure on how to respond to burns, in case of an electrical shock, angina, cardiac arrest, heart attack, what to do in case of spinal injury and the recovery platform needed when assisting someone in need was also discussed and displayed.

At YES club, the goal is all about self-improvement, bettering oneself and caring for others.

The uniqueness of this club at DARC is that it is not restricted to only be about horses but to also learn new things, lead a positive lifestyle, and improving one's skills. There will be beneficial activities planned under the YES club every week. 

Be part of YES club today and join us for fun and valuable activities at DARC every Saturday between 4-7 pm. Contact DARC Riders counter for more information. 

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