Fundraising at DARC

Do you know that each of our four-legged friends at DARC eats 3 times a day? Their meal normally consists of barley, wheat, green bean, molasses and dhal. They also get a supplement of calcium, electrolyte, red sugar as well as cooking oil that is good for their digestive system and helps keep their hair shiny. With more than 70 horses and ponies in our care, that’s a lot of mouth to feed.

We welcome your support so that we can continue to care for our special residents that bring joy to children and adults alike. Aside from donating and volunteering at DARC, you can also get creative and organize fundraising activities with your family, groups of friends, schools or colleges and your workplace. We will work with you and make available our resources and club.

Do you have any fundraising ideas?

  • How about getting your school to organize a ‘bathe-a-horse’ programme. Each student can bring his/her family and with a minimum amount of donation, get to bathe one of our horses or ponies? Have fun and fundraise at the same time!
  • How about a bake sale? Donate cakes, cookies and other baked goodies and proceed from the sale can go to keeping our horses and ponies happy. We’re sure they’d give a big thank-you for your effort.
  • For companies interested in organizing a CSR programme, how about hosting a gymkhana at DARC? You can have both the beginner and advanced riders to participate. Make it a kid’s event with lots of prizes.
  • And perhaps the local community can organize a charity bazaar with items donated by our members and the public.

We would really like to hear from you and any ideas that we can work on as part of our fundraising activity.

For more information, please contact us at +6010 240 2606 or email us at