Why Should I Join The Equine School Program at DARC?

"It is gratifying and absolute fun to ride horses!”

The pleasurable experience of riding horses would be one good reason to start riding and spending time with these magnificent creatures! Horses are intelligent and gentle animals. They are spectacularly beautiful, good-natured and resilient with an air of dignity.

The indispensable delight of being with horses and psychological benefits is the peaceful nature that they can inspire within us. Horse riding is much more than just a sport or hobby. It can be challenging and requires dedication to be a skilful rider who can ride gracefully. Not to say that it is somewhat difficult to ride a horse, but to ride itself is an art and can give people such enjoyment being in the company of a horse.

When a person regularly practices and learn the skills to mount and manoeuvre a horse successfully, that rewarding feeling can affect the person’s entire character and attitude as a whole. There is a subtle difference between a person that rides and has an attachment to horses comparing to people that do not. One would need to start riding and be persistent in learning to know what positive changes it can make for them.

Imagine trotting down a trail on a horse while relishing the cool breeze and bonding with nature. Visualize cantering with the horse in an open space, splashing through puddles, galloping on an open field and leading the horse the direction that we want. It can truly be a fantastic experience. Riding is about the connection that a person builds with their horse. There is an unspoken language between a horse, the rider and the relationship between the two are unique from person to person and horses. When the bond is greater between the rider and horse, the thrill of riding and excursion becomes more exciting.

As with all things, there will be barriers and encounters when it comes to riding. There will be occasions when people might take a step forward and a few steps back. But with every step going forward, the bond between rider and horse deepens. It will be important to never give up riding and continue the extraordinary experience as often as possible. Horseback riding is also timeless and it is not limited to a person’s age. There might be many who start young. However, the fun of starting to ride horses is not just for children. Senior citizens can also start riding even if they have never done so before. There are many advantages to gain in horse riding. First of all, it is a form of workout and keeping fit. It can help improve one’s posture, balance, and body coordination.

Other activities at the stables such as grooming and cleaning the stalls is a form of cardiovascular exercises. For kids, it can promote learning and discovery. It has been made known to improve cognitive abilities in some children. Besides that, horse riding teaches people responsibility, for both kids and adults. It also teaches people discipline and patience. Other than that, it can help develop good character traits like self-control, dedication, compassion and empathy.

Some might say that horse riding is a costly activity, and not everyone can afford it. Thanks to the management team at DARC, horse riding is now made affordable to everyone. The price is very reasonable. Becoming a member at DARC will allow people to enjoy certain exclusive privileges, unlike any other horse riding clubs. The fact that everyone is welcome here with friendly staff and helpers gives that sense of belonging to members and visitors.

To start off with the horse riding experience, we have a basic horsemanship program held every Sunday between 1.30pm to 4.30pm, called the Selangor Equine School Program at DARC. The program is conducted by an experienced and international rider who has vast experiences with horses. By joining this fantastic program, participants will receive free membership at DARC for two years for the entire family. This is actually a real bargain. DARC is catered for the whole family to enjoy together where the priority is happy families. Register today and start your horse riding journey.

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